Advantages of using Webmaster tools in SEO Campaign

Google Webmaster Tools is a free service offered by google for the business owner to evaluate and maintain their website’s performance in search results. Similarly, webmaster offers you valuable information that can help with your marketing efforts.  There are many advantages of using webmaster in your website to boost tour SEO campaign.

Lets the advantages of using webmaster tools in SEO campaign are:

1. How google sees our website?

Google is the main search engine. Thus, it is important to know how the Google sees our website. In the same manner, Webmaster tools gives information on things like the search queries that helped people find your website, traffic stats, possible tweaks that could help your website rank better, number of indexed URLs, number of links pointing to your website and those within your website. So it is the most important tool in the SEO campaign.

2. Helps to Spots Errors that hampers your Rankings

There are many factors that affect your site’s ability to get ranked on the search engines. As, Google appraise things like page loading speed, frequency of errors and poor site wide linking.

When the google crawler visits our website, it sites crawl errors, site errors, crawl stats, index status and so on. Similarly,  you will also get a notification on their dashboard if your website is hacked websites or websites infected with malware. So, it better to analyse the website with the help of webmaster.

3. Real Time Data on Your Sit Indexes and Crawls

Using the webmaster tools it is easier to spot real time changes on your website. The tools will help you effect changes almost immediately and track/show their impact on your website in real time. Consequently, its best to know the real time traffics and google crawl the website.

4. Google gets information via Sitemaps

Google get the number of pages or post that you add on your site with the help of sitemap. 

5. Detect the Duplicate Content Issues

Content is the king of website. Google crashes the sites with duplicate content. Webmaster help to detect the duplicate content.

So, its better to use webmaster tools in SEO campaign to get the targeted traffic. Always, use the webmaster for the successful SEO campaign.

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