About Us

Vertex Web Surf Pvt. Ltd. is a top leading IT company in Nepal that provides a range of Information Technology services that are designed for business productivity. From Web Design, Web Development, SEO in Nepal, Apps Development, eCommerce Customization, outsourcing and implementation to domain and hosting Solutions. We have been providing targeted cutting-edge IT services to various national and international organisations. Core competency of our team lies in designing, developing, and deploying high-end sophisticated information systems. Our clients come to us with complex IT challenges that need outright solving. So, we take the time to fully understand their business goals, their industry and their competition to design an innovative solution to meet their challenges. Whether it’s website, eCommerce, mobile app or a combination of all , Vertex has got the depth of technical experience as well as the ‘know how’ to deliver. We can achieve almost task put upon. Despite the distances between us, we work as a cohesive team creating flawless digital solutions across both web and mobile platforms. While remaining focused on innovation, we are also looking to continuously improve our existing products and service standards. 

Founded in 2013, we are committed to deliver five star quality services in the field of Information Technology in Nepal. Our initial focus was to provide complete information technology solutions for individuals, companies and enterprises. In response to customer needs and in order to fully cover the range of IT services we quickly expanded to other IT services like App Development and Software Development. We focuse on emerging software technologies to help organizations and individuals face challenges brought about by fast paced changes in IT industry. Working for years with wide range of clients in various sectors we have built expertise in numerous platforms, tools and programming languages.

At Vertex, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in the Information Technology. Our mission at Vertex is to make Nepal a hub for IT services. Currently we provide the most IT services and products. We want to make these services available to as many people as possible. We deliver the most comprehensive suite of managed IT services to small and medium-sized businesses across the globe. Our proven service portfolio meets the varying needs of customers with implementation services or complete IT solutions. Our renowned Quality Service allows us to provide all our customers with an efficient, seamless and worry-free services.

Why Work with Us

At the core of our IT services, we help customers better understand and manage their IT requirements. We strive to help our clients focus on their businesses while we concentrate on optimizing quality of IT services. Thanks to our proven track record of providing proactive managed services and technical expertise that customers are able to:

  • Lower their IT service costs,

  • Increase productivity and efficiency,

  • Secure their business platform for today and the future,

  • Top class IT services in Nepal

Services We Provide

Vertex Web Surf Pvt. Ltd. provides a range of IT services that are tailored to your requirements. Innovative and Creative IT services are provided by our professional team with world class technologies for all different platform and devices.

  • Web Development
  • Website Design
  • Software Developmet
  • Android Apps Development
  • iOS Apps Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • eCommerce Development

Professionally Sound Digital Agency

We are Vertex Web Surf, a top Web Design in Nepal. We offer professional Web design and SEO services to clients worldwide through business strategy, application design and robust development along with online publicity management to optimize reach.

We Are

We are a team of highly skilled web and mobile app developers who specialize in creating tailored solutions for clients ranging from startups to established companies across the globe. Our Web design team of designers and developers are experts at what they do and we work to achieve complete client satisfaction.

We Do

We are a digital agency that deals in website and branding designs, mobile application development, provide search engine optimization (SEO) services in Nepal to clients and also cater to their social media publicity requirements online. We believe each of our project is unique and due diligence is ensured for each task.

Our Way

In the age of rapid technological developments & ever-changing consumer demand, we move forward into the future with the vision of being eager to identify innovative digital solutions for our ever-expanding client needs. Thus, We wish to achieve this by adopting fully developed technology that will ensure that we and our clients will grow & flourish all together.


Our mission is to provide perfectly tailored e-commerce solutions in order to fit the needs of businesses. From eCommerce website development to mobile applications development across various platforms, Vertex creates a lasting value that helps the businesses to evolve and grow with high ranking on the Google.


Top SEO company and Web design in Nepal  is on the mission to create and announce the best website and mobile app development experience across Canada. Quality is the main root of our success with great customer relations preceding profits.Thus, the main aim that keeps us going is rescue drowning brands and helping them recover with a greater ability to fight back.

Team Vertex Web Surf

We are Vertex Web Surf. Top web Design in Nepal hold professional digital services to clients worldwide through business strategy, application design and robust development along with online publicity management to optimize reach. We take your business seriously, but do not take ourselves too seriously. We become close friends with our clients and forget family bonds among each other. We value the mutual, long-lasting respect that comes from doing business together and hope you do too. Our team is very professional and efficient in doing all kinds of works related to design, development and all fields.

Vertex Web Surf Best IT Company of Nepal
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