How to have an optimized e-commerce site?

Do you want to create an e-commerce website, or are you happy to own an e-commerce site?

Of course, nothing better for the business than to be positioned in the first results of Google. For that, it is necessary that your e-commerce site stays optimized for SEO. Optimizing your e-commerce site will allow you to increase your visibility on search engines. This SEO work goes through some good practices such as the URLs, the content of your website, pagination, the loading speed of your E-commerce site, and many more. SEO is common to all websites, but there are specific rules for e-commerce sites, mainly to avoid the duplicate content of the product sheets. No miracle formula, to optimize your e-commerce site, it will take a lot of work to get there.

Before jumping into the checklist first know about SEO

SEO  is a method, technique, and tactics to optimize the website, so it appears in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to increases the number of visitors to the website. In natural referencing, it is necessary to optimize the On-Site (on its site heading tags, URL, the occurrence of the keyword …) and the Off-Site(net-linking).

SEO Checklist for an optimized e-commerce site

seo e-commerce checklist - vertex websurf nepal

1. Simplifying URLs

If you use a CMS, the URLs of your site are generated automatically, and they are not optimized for SEO. These URLs will not be understandable by Internet users, so you will have to simplify them to make them readable and easier. The structure of your URL must include the name of the product or the type of product.

Simply url of web design by vertex web surf nepal

2. Pagination

For e-commerce sites, in many cases, pages are paginated because there are many products in the categories. Indeed, when the product catalog is necessary and not to produce endless pages, we set up a system of anchors numbered at the bottom of the page. The problem is that this system can generate duplicate pages and that it is not enough for the SEO of your e-commerce website. To avoid this, you will need to add the tag like “ref =” next “href = URL of page 2” etc.

3. The domain name

The domain name is the address of your e-commerce website, it is necessary to choose, according to your activity. You have to pick a domain name that speaks to your users and easily remembered.

4. Title tags

The title tag is the title of each site’s voting page. This title appears in Google search results. To improve your visibility and that it is optimized, it must include the keyword of the page. The title must be new and respect about 70 characters.

Title tag of web design service in Nepal by Vertex Web Surf Nepal

5. The meta-description tags

The meta-description tag is the description of each page voting site. This description appears in Google’s search results. To improve your visibility and that it is optimized, it must include the keyword of the page, the description must be unpublished and respect about 150 characters.

Meta description of the page web design Nepal by Vertex Web Surf Nepal

Note: If you forget to write meta-description, then google will read the first paragraph of your content which may or may not contain keyword which is a bad practice.

6. The content on the pages

Many e-commerce sites neglect this optimization part of an e-commerce site. But do not forget the content is king for the search engines. So do not forget to put content describing your product profile, or your category. We advise you 300 words minimum with a keyword density of 1-2.5% and internal links. This content can be put at the top and the complete content at the bottom of the page.

Note: Keyword density is the ratio of the total word count and keyword that you use on the page.

7. The Alt tags of the images

The images are essential elements for an e-commerce site, more precisely for the product sheets. For your images to be optimized, you need to fill in the alt tag when you load the image on your editing software. The description text must contain neither accents nor spaces. It must incorporate keywords and describe the content of the photos.

Alt text of the photo of the page by Vertex web surf Nepal

8. The name of the image files

Optimizing the file name of the images you subsequently go to your site can significantly improve your visibility. Rather than using the default name of the image, rename it with the keyword.

9. Loading time

A website that has too long loading time is a very critical thing as it hurts the user experience, and the speed factor of the website is essential in SEO criteria. For these points, it is necessary to optimize the speed of your E-commerce site to gain visibility. There are several tools to test your site: GTMetrix, PageSpedd Insights. site: GTMetrix, PageSpedd Insights. To decrease the loading time you can decrease the size of photos, minify the CSS, delete the unused CSS, and many more.

Page speed of one client - Vertex web surf Nepal

10. The rich snippet

For your e-commerce site, we advise you to introduce two types of structured data: product mark-up and review mark-up. These are data that can display additional information in the search results (see star photo, price, stock …).

For more detail about e-commerce website for your company, and SEO contacts us now.


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