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At the standard level, digital marketing mention to advertising delivered through digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Thus, the scope of digital marketing in increasing tremendously in today’s online business. As more people are connected in social media, email search engine like google, Bing, yahoo, and mobile apps of the business. Digital marketing Agency in Nepal helps to reach the target of your business online.

Marketing is about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time.

Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal [Vertex Web surf] focus on the #SEO, #Content marketing, #Social Media Marketing, #Mobile marketing, #e-mail marketing so that your business can grow and flourish at short period of time.


Digital marketing has great scope in today’s online business. In addition, here are top reasons why your should choose digital marketing for your business:

  1.  You can grow the encouragement of people’s engagement through digital media as per customers need.
  2. Have more likes and more visitors with the engagement of social media as Facebook, twitter, without any cost.
  3. Enables business owners go ahead if other competitors as it allow you to track your competitors products and essential marketing strategies.
  4.  Business brand and reputation can be achieved with the help of digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing specialist takes things into consideration like –

  •  Page rankings in search engine results,
  • Advertising on search engine platforms,
  • Conversion through SMO & SEO campaigns,
  • Optimization of internet marketing & associated ROI,
  • Banner ads on other websites & Marketing on Digital World

In Digital Marketing in Nepal, we focus and use following tactics;

Mobile Marketing

To devise result-oriented marketing plans and campaigns, mobile marketing is playing vital role. We can easily understand the changing and latest demand the customers as lots of people are using the mobile today.
  1. More than 50% of searches are from mobile.
  2. 89% of Facebook Daily Active users come through mobile.
  3. 83% of Facebook advertising revenue comes through Smartphones.
  4. 92% of mobile media time is spent in Smartphone apps by consumers.So we can predict that mobile marketing
  5. will be top digital marking in future.

Project Analysis to Identify Strong & Weak Points

We also investigate the amount of time and effort which is placed into better understanding all aspects of the digital marketing project. In the same way, we will help you to identify the weak points and give solution to overcome the problems.

SEO (Search engine optimization)

Our SEO service include the on page and off page SEO where our clients will be able to have better ranking on search engine like yahoo, google. In SEO campaign, we will fully optimize your website with no errors.

Link building will stay as a powerful SEO technique, mobile marketing will rock the house, and along with Google, other search engines. This plays significant roles in ensuring great search results.
Use of keyword search tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, Moz’s keyword Planner are going to be the most effective trends to know right keywords that your audiences search.

Social Media Marketing

Especially relevant in these days technology is increasing day by day and lots of people are using Social media to get connected with each other. Furthermore, we will help to reach your website to reach many customers targeting social media as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.

Social media changes quickly as there are dozens of new platforms arrive each year. In 2017, social media marketing will for sure be one of the most popular digital marketing channels for branding, optimization, lead generations and conversions.

In conclusion, Digital marketing campaigns are condemnatory for every business in these days.

Thus, finally if you are worrying about the successful digital marketing strategies, stop worrying, Top digital marking in Nepal is going to help you to reach your goals now with planned digital marketing strategies and latest techniques.

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