Webmaster tool importance for SEO

Webmaster tools importance of SEO is much crucial. You can now start enjoying the advantages of Google Webmaster Tools, with the verification of ownership and have Google code in place on your site. With the evolvement of the  webmaster tool, it is effective tool that monitors the whole website.

With the help of Webmaster tool, you can easily access to Search Queries, Links to Your Site, Crawl Errors, Keywords, and Sitemaps which control site online. These all things monitors the whole site and give the search engine direction as well as gives direction to owners. Webmaster tool helps to give the which keywords are important for the business. Similarly, they can request to make crawl the new post to search engine.

Top SEO company in Nepal is going to give Webmaster tool importance for SEO.

Lets see the 

Webmaster tool importance for SEO

#1. Know about Search Queries

Webmaster tools have Search Queries section shows the keywords that led users to your site.

You can choose the best keywords that the user search. Similarly, you will be able to optimise the sites that gets frequent clicks. If your site do not have good keywords, you can add  and start optimising.

In the Search Queries section, you will see the number of impressions and the number of clicks. This clicks and impressions will gives you an idea about the CTR for this keyword. By knowing higher CTR means the keyword is relevant, so you might optimise your website with that keywords and add traffics.

Keep in Mind that optimise the site with best keywords otherwise CTR goes down.

#2. Monitor Your Site’s Link Profile

Google Webmaster Tools is enough to handle the thousand of links of your site. Due to this property of webmaster tool, you can see exactly what websites link to you. But the case is bit different for sites with more than 100,000 links, Google may not list all the backlinks.

Is is free gift for SEOs because you can work a lot of angles with the data provided in this tool. You can change the link profile of your site monitoring this tool.

#3. Recover Your Site Using The Disallow Tool

Google is updating its algorithm, everyday. If your site contain the duplicate content and unstructured url then there is chance of penalising hammer by the omnipotent entity called Google.

If your site raises lot of red flags to Google, Google is going to penalise until you resolve guideline violations. You can make Google . You can make the changes on your site by disallowing tool in webmaster so that search engine would not crawl site.

#4. Sitemaps

The main function of sitemap is to give pr show path to the search engine how many pages or post are on websites. Now only this, sitemaps give chance to view all the sitemaps along with statistics such as the last date it was processed and the number of pages submitted and indexed.  content-type, meaning Web, video, images and news are the ways of methods to view.

In the same manner, sitemap test option has great feature that you provide the URL of a sitemap, and Google scans it. After quick scan, any errors detected can be fixed quickly.

#5. See how fast your site is

Do not you want to the loading time of your website? Search engine like Google love the site  which has accelerated mobile pages . Not only this, Try the Think with Google Test My Site to test your website, both mobile and desktop. The tool will identify any areas of improvement, such as optimising images, removing excess JavaScript, or prioritising content above the field.

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