Top trends of web development in 2017

In  these modern era, the web has been inseparable in our daily lives. We use it in daily life from shopping, to banking, to reading our news to study and research purpose. Therefore, the demand for web development scope is increasing day by day. Web design should be most attractive and the loading time must be less so that the people would like to see and love to visit the website.

Vertex Web Surf is the top Web design company in Nepal. So, we have designed lots of website for our clients. We are going to discuss about the top trends of web design and development in 2017.

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Top trends of web development in 2017

1. Artificial Intelligence
In modern trend, Artificial intelligence is surely going to impact the future technology in large manner. In this 2017, there had been multiple advances in the field of technology. The technology giants like Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft are developing powerful artificial technology for users.

AI had already been started by a large number of applications, such as Google’s search algorithm.

2. 360 degree Video

360-degree video!!, Are your kidding?

Yes, in this modern age of technology, 360-degree video provide incredibly interactive experience, making a huge impact on the web design trends. This feature is primarily used for online video marketing Today. However, 360-degree videos will attract more attention, drive more interaction, and the views will grow more rapidly.

The video clips display a spherical scenario, where a special 360-degree video camera has prerecorded all the possible angles of an environment, providing a infinite array of future possibilities. So, this is the top trend in the today trend of web development.

#3. Internet of Things
Internet is not limited only to computers and mobile phones but is is moving to our household appliances as well. Using apps on our smartphones now, we can remotely turn on our heating equipment, switch on the light bulbs, and even process food well before getting home.

Because of this, web developers are likely to develop applications that use, analyze, and display the devices’ data in order to communicate with IoT devices.

4. Rich Typography

The web designers are putting more efforts in order for type to take up more space on the screen.

It can be expected that they will come up with even more creative typefaces in order to keep up with this trend. The typography used in websites will have more contrasts by placing a variety of effects, images, and videos.

5. More uses of  Javascript
With the evolution and growth of  Javascript, it is possible for bringing up the language to chatbots, virtual reality, internet of things, and much more. Thus, Its role has become more established and integral.

 For any kinds of web development, web design services come to for attractive web design.

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