1. Target on Social Media on Big Scale
Now days Social media plays an important role in the online presence of any website as it connects to large number of 1. customers of large geographical area in short period of time . So to have better rankings do the following works
-Create facebook, twitter google+ Youtube account of the business so that many people would reach
-post the items and news in the social media acoount regularly
-inter-link each social medias with your account
2. Participate in The conversation
As you post information in the Social Medias, your customer may comment or give review of the product the you are selling online. If you consider the comments of the customers you may really have the chance to improve your customer services. Answer the customers question is really important in the business.
3. Optimize your website’s speed
Optimizing the website and its webpages are really important cause, the people will only have accest those website that is really cool and faster to use. The sites speed really matter in the SEO
-So to use the the cached plugin to can boost the website.
-Use fast servers to optimize your site.
4. Research for amazing headlines and descriptions;
Yeah its known that the people always over the unique and amazing jobs. When the title of the post are really amazing and eye catching then they will have look over such topic for longer time. SO to draw the readers attraction, it is important that you are covering the vast problems and result with the solution.
5. Use multiple tools for the research
By using the multiple tools for the research you can have the best ideas and knowledge for the proper SEO strategies. For example you can use google adword for the keywords generation, keyword planner and so on. Do not trust on the single site for the best answers.
6. Create the infographics
People loves to look the watch the pictures and data. So, infographics are really important as people spend time on looking and getting information at shorter time.

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