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Now launch your online shopping. That’s Great! But have you thought about what your ecommerce site requires to really turn profits? Online shopping is more than just good product pictures and a checkout function, you also have to think about the experience that you are giving to your customers. Online shopping is a competitive space, so what does it take to build a great online store? Here are Top Keys for successful ecommerce website.


  1. Best Experience for mobile shoppers

In today’s time, about 65% of people use mobile devices rather than from PCs and laptops. So while making website to ensure that your ecommerce website is mobile friendly.

Things to consider on the Mobile ecommerce website:

  • ensure that all functions work easily on mobile
  • make sure the mobile navigation is easy to use
  • keep your mobile version clean, simple with clear links and call to action buttons
  • check out, page navigation and ‘next’ buttons have enough space so fingers/thumbs can tap on them easily
  1. Easy in checkout processing

The biggest conversion killer for your online store is potentially your checkout process. If your website checkout is poorly planned or designed, you are going to lose about 60% of customers.

It is essential to keep the balance between good functionality, usability and building trust are key to offering a good checkout experience.

  • have a big clear ‘checkout’ button
  • optimize your site for load time, ensure it is faster
  • make editing the cart contents easy
  • show shipping clearly
  • show images of the products in the cart
  • display security logos
  • keep your checkout simple and clean, less clutter is better
  • make contacting support easy
  1. Product images and information

The design of your website should accommodate lots of product pictures and descriptive information. Usually the eight-image approach works best (front, back, top, bottom, left, right and some two perspective shots). No one wants to buy something that they cannot see or they have no information about. The goal is to make sure that the customers are better informed when they are doing their shopping. This will increase the opportunity for better placement on the search engines. Similarly use high quality of product image.

  1. Clear Returns Policy

Since buying online means that you can never be 100% sure about a product until it arrives on your doorstep, it’s important for e-commerce stores to have a clear returns policy in place. Selling online means that you can’t avoid the fact that at times, customers will be dissatisfied with a product and return it. For example, if you run a clothing store, you may have returns simply because an item didn’t suit the buyer once tried on.

When purchasing items online, customers need to feel confident that they’ll be able to return their purchase and get a full refund should it be unsuitable for their needs. So, ensure that you have a clearly laid-out returns policy available on your website that is easily accessible to visitors.

  1. Free Shipping

If you offer it, HIGHLIGHT IT, for crying out loud. The number 1 reason for shopping cart abandonment is high shipping fees, so tell customers right up front that it is free. They may even add items to their order to get free shipping.

  1. Advertisement via Social media

The best way to sell product is to advertisement via the social media. The beauty of the internet lies in the ability to analyse your page visits, advertisement success, purchased products etc. in real-time. Make use of tools such as Google adwords, Google adrolls, Facebook ads, Mixpanel etc. to track and analyse your performance in order to attract more customers and increase sales. E-commerce success heavily relies on using data to identify customer needs and desires for targeting advertisement.


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