Tips to redesign websites without losing SEO

Whenever you are looking to redesign website, it is essential to have attractive website without loosing SEO compliance. Many web design companies, do not consider about the SEO factors while redesigning websites. We, the best Web design in Nepal look forward to redesign websites without losing SEO. Vertex Web Surf is giving handful tips to Tips to redesign websites without losing SEO so that you can get websites with SEO optimisation.

#Tips to redesign websites without losing SEO

1. Audit your existing site

Whenever you are redesigning websites, company must perform SEO audit of your current website and note how different pages rank in search engines. Then, you will be able to immediately identify areas of the website. Once the new site goes live and quickly take corrective action so there is no lasting damage to your website SEO rankings.

2. Use of alt tags Consistently helps your rankings

 Us of the alt tags consistently on the websites has great issues on your SEO performance. Alt tags are one of the most overlooked aspects of web design. As you are redesigning websites you need to make sure that your alt tags are used consistently throughout your website, accompanying every image no matter how prominent or subtle.

3. Optimization your website navigation for users and SEO

when you are redesigning websites make sure that it is easy for users to use it so easy and clearly. Improvements related to issues such as navigation and information flow can deliver up to an 83% ROI for your company. What is the use of websites if it can not bring business. Therefore, target your websites for the customers and optimise it.

4. Benefits of proper internal linking

Internal linking is important to spread high-ranking pages throughout your website, rather than concentrating them in a single area. Every page on your site must have link internally somewhere but Do not over do it.

Apart SEO concerns, good internal linking practices allow you to guide users through your site in a way that prepares them to purchase. 

In conclusion:

User friendly websites and mobile friendly and SEO factor are things that we must look for every redesign of websites.

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