Tips to build better websites

While building a websites, you must consider many thing as the mission of building website, plan, objectives and goals of the business. Many people feel that they are disappointed in building websites. A top web design company is giving you the clear concept of building a websites.

Lets see the Tips to build better websites

1. You need a plan 

 There is a quotation that “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Thus you should make a plan wile building website so that you could meet the goal of the organisation with the help of the websites.

Without proper plan, you’re relying on your gut instead of research and real customer insight. If you do not have time to research and strategy, you should reconsider your reasoning for even building a website. So you will need a plan to build a websites.

I. Building Your Plan

As we know that A website is more than a digital brochure, so it must be clean and clear.

If you are need of business websites so you must make proper marketing efforts, on and off-line, whether they realise it or not. Building plan means how to attract customer attention at short period of time. People today are using the online shopping so it is crucial to know your client, understand how to communicate with the ideal customer. So building a plan will definitely help you out.

II. Defining Goal

While building a websites you need to set measurable goals for the website.

Building a website is to “Drive more traffic” or “generate more leads” isn’t specific enough. Your goals need to be specific, measurable, timed and achievable.
For instance, if your target is drive more traffic, you can make that a specific goal by defining:

  • how much more traffic;
  • what keywords can generate it
  • what quality of traffic;
  • how long will it take to bring more traffics.

Your goals is your guiding light for the website. They will guide you through your strategy sessions, your initial build, and your client’s long term marketing initiatives.

#Customer Personas

 Remember that your websites if for your users and customers so you must consider about your  customers. You need an efficient communication to achieve your goals list. It should be.
Before any other goal, website is first a communication tool.

Never fail to set communication with your customers which  will helps to set your goal in definite manner.
Thus, to effectively communicate, you need to understand who you are trying to communicate with, and creating a set of customer personas will help you do that surely.

Detailed profile of a unique individual who will represent a part of the customer base is known as Customer Personas.

Also make a list of few personas depending on the variety of the client’s customer base and business size.
Build customer personas with market research and insights from the client’s very own customer base. The goal is to develop and build an understanding of who their customers are and attracts them.


Once your websites is ready for use, then you must make proper customer policy for the customers. Not everyone using on your client’s website will be ready to buy.
 many people/users will be researching their problem, unaware of what solutions exist. Another group of people will be aware of the solutions and they will be researching feature options.
Thus, Every customer goes through a process of awareness, consideration and decision, known as the buyer’s journey.
Never and ever make the mistake of only targeting the motivated buyers. As most customers will purchase goods from the vendor who educated them during the earlier stages of their buyer’s journey.

Being the creative wed design company you should be able to minimises the risk of letting the potential buyer.

As web designers  you can increase your sales potential by offering relevant content and calls to action for each stage of the buying cycle.


Quality of content is the king of the website.  Good content can easily deliver the information that your want to share to your customers via websites.Thus, while creating the content , you must know understand what client’s customers you can begin to form the content strategy.

Nobody likes to feel stupid. As your clients websites for for all age group so never use vague words and sentence which all age people can not understand. Try to create friction between you and them. Write so that the customer feels smarter because of your content.


Now its time to use your plan and start your website design. You must have a clear understanding of the website’s goals and how to achieve the desired results.


Site mapping is well known as site architecture or site structure, is the process of defining what specific web pages are needed.  Being a web design company Nepal, you must know how the pages interact with each other, and what basic functionality is needed for each web page.

Site Mapping will define the following:

  1. all the pages needed for the website;
  2. Website navigation and behavior;
  3. see how each page interacts with the other web pages;
  4. Expected entry points for each customer persona and buyer’s journey segment;
  5. the expected user interaction for each web page for each persona and segment;
  6. Call to action in each pages.


Finally, it time to design a website after such long story of planning and  so on.
Great design can really attract the customers. In case of the customer what they love about the websites is that the websites that has proper colour combination and that loads faster and give the user better experience. Thus, be able to design such responsive web design is a passion for the Leading Web design company Vertex Web Surf.

By following above Tips to build better websites, you can have astonishing websites.

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