Smart SEO tips for Small business

Small businesses have a small investment. Regardless, a business owner would want to maximize their return on investment (ROI). To get the maximum from on the low investment, SEO can be the best tool.

You may not know what is SEO?

Actually, Search engine optimization is “everything you do to improve your visibility in search engines.” But SEO has evolved beyond mere on-page optimization and link building, social media and content marketing and more.

 We are going to discuss the role of SEO for the betterment of the and upliftment of the Small business. We are going to give Smart SEO tips for Small business so that your business can grow and flourish.

Smart SEO tips for Small business

#1. Get serious with Social Media

Social Media and SEO, They are interrelated to each other. Without social media, SEO can’t work in a perfect manner.

If you own a businesses, create a business page in the Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedn. So, that your business can flourish and grow in short period of time.

Research shows that the business with social media account are ranking higher than those of without social media account.

#2. Get Your Website Freshly build with freshen content

Search engine lobe the website that is responsive and comprise the fresh content. As the visitors also love the website that are faster in loading and with unique colour combination.

To make a website look stylish is not difficult but still a big task. Getting it to perform well in search engines and converting visitors into buyers requires a professional touch. Here are some tips to follow

  • Use relevant and well-written content
  • Optimize Your Pages: To determine what your site is about, search engines take their cue from the title, URL, heading, and content of each page.
  • Keywords are still important to SEO
  • Research Your Keywords
  • SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker will show you the most relevant, traffic-generating keywords.
  • Organize Your Site

#3. Make responsive websites

As we all know that our websites is not for the owners for the users who use our website for their need.

In 2017, mobile users are increasing day by day. So, considering this fact if you are making website for your business then make it responsive

You may wonder what is responsive?- Means that website are easy to use whatever be the device( mobiles, laptops, desktop) that user is using. 

So keep in mind that people and google love the website that is user and mobile friendly.

4. Consider the search engine-google and do for it

Whenever you put something on the website, serch engine has the auto crawling robots called spiders.

Sometimes these spiders encounter an error that prevents them from successfully crawling the entire site. 

Never try to confuse Google‘s crawler, fix your page errors.

#Using Google Webmaster Tools
Google Webmaster Tools will show you site errors like the ones above. Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily tell how to fix these errors. SEO PowerSuite’s Site Audit Checklist will help you both identify and fix crawl errors.

#Create a Sitemap
A sitemap is an XML file that lists all the pages of your site so that search engines can crawl it more effectively. This helps if your site is larger or is new and has few external links.

If you come to Top SEO company in Nepal we can do it for you.

#5. Target for the local search 

If you are a local business, then, it is essential to information and target for local people. Google will be sure that you are serving the customers nearby you.

The more places your business is consistently and accurately listed, the more confident Google and the other search engines can be that your business actually exists and that the information they provide to its users is accurate.

#Claim Your Local Listings
First and foremost, claim your Google listing. Then, if you have time, claim Yahoo, Bing, and Yelp as well. 

#List Submission Services
For the hundreds of other local search directories, you can submit your business information to the four data providers that the major search engines.

#6. Conversation with your customers

As your customers enquire about your products and ask any questions about your business services. Then it is essential to have the positive conversation with your customers. This not only make the bond stronger but also improves your ranking. So consider about your customers. Never let them have negative review on your business listing.

If you consider Smart SEO tips for Small business on online, Surely, you will have higher ranking.

If you cannot do it yourself, Come to us we will help you to get the better ranking.

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