Everything you need to know about SEO Training in Nepal

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, in short as SEO is any methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics that helps the website to rank better on Search Engines. It increases visibility and generates high traffic to our website. Search engines like Google can drive a lot of revenue and grow your business. As of today, Google is the no 1 search engine in the world. Therefore, every company wants to get high visibility in Google and become popular so that there are more conversions to the business. The ranking of the website determines if the site is going to be visited or not. Higher visibility, there is a greater chance to be visited by the user.  Through SEO you can ensure that your site is accessible to any search engine and improves the chances that it will be found. Due to this reason, the demand for SEO training in Nepal is increasing. 

Why SEO Training in Nepal?

SEO training is very much important for individuals who want to promote their brand via the internet. Every business in the world has a website. This global phenomenon has also touched Nepal and Nepali businesses are also using the internet to sell their products and services. It not only broadens the range of potential customers but also expands the business globally.

In addition to that Search Engine is the only way to reach customers before your competitor’s reach them. SEO training in Nepal is a perfect way for you to ride this wave and drive more business for yourself and your clients. You can get career opportunities as an online marketer, SEO expert, Web Analytics expert among others after the completion of SEO training in Nepal.

Who should attend SEO training?

  • Students who want to build a career in SEO and digital marketing
  • Business Owners who want to grow their business through the internet
  • Freelancers who want to work independently on SEO projects
  • Professionals who are looking forward to a career change in SEO
  • Web professionals who want to give extra value to their client
  • People who want to work as a Social Media Manager
  • Folks who want to earn money through blogging, Adsense, and others

SEO Training in Nepal

What are the course objectives of SEO training?

  • Introduction to search engine optimization and its foundation
  • Understanding key elements for impactful SEO strategy
  • Learning smarter approaches to Keyword research and Analysis
  • Effectively applying relevant SEO tools
  • Learning On-page and Off-page SEO
  • Project Work on live websites

What does SEO training in Nepal course include?

The basic SEO training in Nepal covers the following course content for beginner level. After the completion of the beginner level, you will be able to work or either continue to the advanced level. 

    • Search Engines & SEO Basics
    • On-Page Website Optimization
      • Initial Website Analysis
      • Keyword Research
      • Website Structure Optimization
      • Titles and Meta Tags Optimization
      • Content Optimization
      • Images Optimization
      • Google Analytics
      • Webmaster Tools
    • Off-Page Website Optimization
      • Link Building
      • Directory Submission
      • Article Creation and Submission
      • Forum and Blog Posting
      • Web / Blog Review
      • Social Media Optimization
    • Basic Reporting

SEO Training in Nepal

Where to do SEO training in Nepal?

Vertex Web Surf Pvt. Ltd. is a top leading IT company in Nepal that provides a range of Information Technology services that are designed for business productivity. From Web Design, Web Development, SEO in Nepal, Apps Development, eCommerce Customization, outsourcing and implementation to the domain and Hosting Solutions.

Due to the top demand of SEO training, we have started to organize SEO training in Nepal for all the people who are interested to build their career and business in SEO. Furthermore, the benefits of  SEO training at Vertex Web Surf are as follows:

  • Professional SEO experts with instructions experience 
  • Individualized attention and support to each participant
  • Internship opportunity for good performers
  • Instant placement opportunity as  deserving trainees
  • Constant communication with SEO training in Nepal experts
  • Project Work after completion of course

What you show know before SEO training?

Most of all there is no such kind of prerequisite to join this course. However, you require a growth mindset and passion to learn. For SEO training in Nepal, you should have at least basic training on Computer or you should know how to operate a computer.


How to join SEO training in Nepal?

Since you have decided to join SEO training, you can either mail us at info@vertexwebsurf.com.np, call us at 01-4388511, 01-6200858 or visit us at our office in Samakhusi. In addition to that have coffee with us.

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