These SEO Fundamentals will Never Change With Algorithm Updates

We know that Google is updating its algorithm every month. As an SEO Analyst I frequently hear often Google updates its algorithm?

As the ranking of the sites decreases I use to read many articles have you read that freak out about the latest changes made by Google, and how to survive on the Google update?

I found following thing never can affect the SEO world. Lets see what are they?

These SEO Fundamentals will Never Change With Algorithm Updates

1. Bots need to see your site

Google will not rank your site if it can’t see what content you’re offering—or  you are discouraging the search engine to crawl your site. Google’s takes the stock of content all over the web; for this purpose, it uses automated bots to “crawl” websites, discovering and indexing their content. Thus, your site must be crawled by the Google. This is the place where technical SEO comes into play. Technical SEO is all about ensuring your site loads properly, is visible to bots, and comprise the right pictures of your brand and site.

2. Site structure indicates entry structure

When the sites are visible to the SEPRs, Search engine like Google Bing anlayse the website’s layout structure and evaluates your site. For instance, your page title and description are extracted from your site’s metadata and used to populate your respective entry in the SERPs. Special structures, such as structured markup offers specific types of content when users search for it.

3. Quality content is must

Websites success depend on the content that the website comprise. Quality content must be able to provide the information to the visitors and it must be unique and original which the Google loves most. Google loves the websites with original and unique content. Although Google has not publish the method it uses to evaluate “quality” content, You should be able to tell, how valuable your work truly is. As you deliver quality of content, Google is going to rank your higher. Any Google update will not affect the site with quality of content.

4. Build Trust in various networks

There is no single source that can determine the trustworthiness of a given page. In the same manner, Google always rely on a vast network of trust indicators to mutually establish the most trustworthy sources on the internet. It means that the more you have back-links, Google is ranking you on higher page. Obviously, link building and link evaluation is under-changing, but the overall concept is still in place. Thus, Building and managing your link profile is still the best way to improve your domain authority.

5. Google hates Spam and rank manipulation

With the establishment of Google, it is fighting against the threats of spam and rank manipulation. Black-hat search optimizers are using tricks like link spamming, keyword stuffing, link schemes, and hidden keywords to try and boost their rankings without putting in the effort. Therefore, Google has constantly improved its ability to detect and crack down on these schemers. Google rewards sites which gives more value to their users, and customers. Thus, if you use white SEO techniques this is going to remain unchanged.

Want to build a sustainable and effective SEO strategy, give preference to these SEO Fundamentals will Never Change With Algorithm Updates. No matter what changes Google make in future, you can have higher ranking if you follow above points.

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