How to Avoid Local Ranking Failures?

When searching anything that we need on Google then we find only few lists of things we need on top. For any business to be on top page of Google search engine is matter of challenge. To on top means that website is free and targeted traffic as well as potential needs and conversion.  To lead the website on top page is challenging job for SEO companies. For popular keywords, competitors are more and automatically there will be more competition. We are popular SEO Company in Nepal which is assisting our clients to be on top page of search engine.

In fact, there are lot of business who are losing local ranking after Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. Similarly we know the vast effect on the business.  Many say that you need to be more be active and invest more in SEO than ever so that you can have better ranking.  As you have lower ranking then you have lower reputation of your company. In this blog we are going to describe you the process to avoid Google local ranking. Though you can take suggestion from the SEO experts or do SEO from our SEO Company in Nepal.

Check the report for Bugs

This is the first step to look forward for unresolved bugs existing in the website.  Visit the Google and your website for possible reasons of falling of ranking.  If there is specific bud or Google update then your ranking will be lower. Then, immediately consult with the SEO Consultant or company to resolve the bugs.

Google’s quality Violation

Sometime Google’s Quality guidelines fail causing the local ranking failure.  The search is Hulk with strict violations.  So, always check the Google places Quality Guidelines and check the site with Google Standard. Make Sure that your site is following the Google’s rules. Even your site is breaking one of the rules then, it affects your ranking. Similarly, be ensuring that your name of business, address, phone Number and other information are correct.

 Avoid duplicate Google+   Local Listing

Google allows business to have only one Google+ location page per location.  Having duplicate Google+ listing can cause the local ranking failure. Check your website if you have duplicate listing, if then remove as soon as possible.

Make standard Quality of websites

As we have standard quality of website and have strong online marketing techniques then your can have better ranking.  Make sure that your site is fully optimized in all kinds of devices.

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