Google Analytics Tips for Your Business;

When business has website for their business, customers can easily have access a website 24 hours/day and 365 days/year. We know that increase in traffic means increase in ROI (Return On Investment).  With the help of Google analytics, business can have successful business strategy. Google analytics frequently adds more features that help us to create and track conversions goals and paths conversion on your site.

Some tips are;

Multi-Channel Funnels;

Multi-Channel Funnel reports are great way to get a handle on how your entire inbound marketing is doing.  When you set up these reports, they will tell you from what channels customers are interacting with your site.

 This effectively helps you to see the complete step of pictures what your customers take before buying/ converting. This way you can easily identify the time lags and friction and can identify your most channels.

This is great way to understand better the value of social media or other tools increasing your business strategy.

Mobile Stats;

In this present time, there is tremendously increasing the number of mobile user for online supports. Each and every person have mobile in their pocket and using mobile to search anything on Google.  Google Analytics have also shown that mobile friendly websites are much higher in success and reaching the more customers.

Search Engine Optimization;

Search Engine Optimization is another tool which directly values the Google analytics. It shows you the search volume in terms of keyword, how much traffic you are receiving.  So, it is always essential to do SEO of website for increasing traffic and visitors.

Social marketing Goals;

In this time, Social Medias are playing vital role in adding much traffic from various networks. As many people are using social networking site as Facebook, Twitter, IMO to get in touch with each other. When you have link with the social networking sites, then you will have easily access to the more people in short time. This will gradually help increasing your brand names in short period of time.

Real- Time visit;

As the visitors visit the website and stays in your website for longer time, this will directly affects the ranking and customers. You can see how many visitors are currently on your site, top social sources, active pages and referral pages.

Vertex web surf is leading Web Development Company in Nepal which designs website considering the facts about the Google algorithm and its analytics.

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