Easy Ways to Make Website More Effective

When business owners make the website, they have vision of growing their business through the online marketing.  They want their website on the top pages of search engine so that visitors have access to their business easily.  We, Vertex Web surf is the top Web design in Nepal which is helping clients to make attractive and effective websites. Similarly, we are also SEO Company in Nepal helping by bringing more traffic on our clients’ website.

Here, through this blog we SEO Company in Nepal are sharing some ways to make your website more effective by achieving the retain traffic.

You may wonder the meaning of retain traffic but the answer is simple; as there are more number of visitors returning to your site, they are more likely use the products or services of your site.

  1. Firstly, make your website known to all!

For any business or organization, it is important to have website in order to make people know about them.  What are ways?

  • Make sure that your website address (URL) is clear in your business card, signage, or other marketing material.
  • Make your website full informative so that people keeps eye on it.
  • Tell others to visit your website to visit time and again.


  1. Make your website up-to-date

If your site has CMS (Content Management System) then always update the latest news or events.  Make a habit of updating the news on regular basis or you can tell to the employees. Keeping the website up-to-date tells more about your company and helps the customers more know about you.  As your site is up-to-date then the search engines as Google, Yahoo!, Bing will grant rankings on your site.  So, always make habit of getting touch with search engines and customers.

  1. Use Social medias for Advertising

Social media tools as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc are free to set up and use. People use more Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, when you regularly post something on them people have easily access with more people at shorter time. Thus keep people busy by providing all information and do it regular manner.

  1. Use effective content on your site

As content is the king of the website, so it should be free from all grammatical errors and spellings. Content should be full of information, so that visitors can know more about you and your company. A good quality of content can easily uplift the company’s reputation and goodwill. Thus, always use effective content in your site.

  1. Blogging!

If you have an external blog or blog in your website always make sure that is updated.  Blogging does not take much time and does not cost more money.  You should post something new post once 1-2 week but should not over do it. Blogging helps you to make your business known and updated blogging helps in getting touch with your customers and other people.

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