In today’s world of online business, social medias are playing crucial role to the betterment of the business. Without the help of the social media, today’s business growth seem to be dark. You can save your money and time on advertisement with the help of the social media. Social media like Facebook, twitter, google+ are the main platform of the social media marketing. 

We the top Social media Marketing in Nepal, going to discuss about the DOs and DON’Ts of Social media marketing. By following these dos and don’t you can have your successful social media marketing

Now lets see the DOs and DON’Ts of Social media marketing:


Obviously, Facebook is the biggest platform go the online presence of the business. As there are more than 1.4 billion Facebook users. You can easily boost your business with Facebook. Your customers can reach easily about your post and services that your provide to your customers easily.

DO be concerned about post likes, shares, and comments.

DON’T worry about number of likes on pages. 

Post types with the most engagement potential are:

  • Videos (original content and NOT YouTube—Facebook hates YouTube)
  • Text updates
  • Images
  • Link
  • Never repeat the same post type continuously. Varying your type of content will help increase engagement.


 If you manage several accounts, disciplined time-management in order, Twitter can be the best platform of the social Media. Use following things for the better performance in the twitter.

  1. DO make good use of relevant hashtags, and tag other users on every Tweet.
  2. Don’t overuse #tags 
  3. DO Re-tweet content that you find relevant and interesting, ESPECIALLY from local businesses and users. 
  4. DON’T “over-Tweet.” Putting out 4-7 tweets per day is sufficient. Tweet too little and you will become “invisible,” while tweeting too much will cause corrode.


People misunderstood about the Google+ usability but yet it is potentially the most valuable network of all. whens you use the Google+, it is able to increase search rankings for your client’s website. Lets see how to use this important  social media platform.

  • Set your description clearly in approximately 250-300 characters. Keep it more Short and precise.
  • Include link back to the client’s website, and ensure it points to a relevant page.
  • DO use hashtags for relevant content in the post.
  • DO use location hashtags at the end of the post to establish local relevance in rankings.

In conclusion

If you are the marketing your business, these social media platform can be the best way for boosting your business.

Use above DOs and DON’Ts of Social media marketing so that you can be successful; at your social media marketing.

If you can not do social media marketing. come to us we will help you to reach your goal.

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