Components of Successful Visual Appealing Web design

Design refers to planning and implementing components to make a visually harmonious appearance, or it can refer to planning and implementing the experience that a user will have when interacting with a website. In fact, there are actually many specialisms within web design, especially when you start talking about large commercial websites and the agencies and teams who support them.

Visual Appealing creates first impression to the user. A well designed, attractive and fabulous deign gives user better experience.

8 Components of Visually Appealing Web Design

  1. The Colors:

The first impression that colours gives to a website is crucial.  The site’s colors should convey your company’s personality or brand.  Colors have a big emotional factor so it’s important to choose colors your audience will love.

  1. Fonts:

The site’s fonts should also be based on the company’s brand and the feeling you want to convey to customers.  The fonts need to be easy to read.

  1. Pictures and Graphics:

Choose pictures and graphics that represent your company and products in the best light possible for the website.  Hire a professional photographer if possible.  As pictures tell more than letters. So, pictures should be attractive as per your business brand.

  1. Simplicity:

Strive for simplicity in your design.  Keep it simple, yet not so simple that it lacks appeal.

  1. Usability:

Make sure the website’s design is user-friendly, easy to navigate.  The navigation needs to be straightforward and the design needs to be created based on how users will interact with the site.

  1. Clarity:

Make sure all images and graphics on the site are sharp.

  1. Consistency:

Keep the design of the site (colors, fonts, button styles, heading sizes, etc.) consistent throughout the site.

  1. Create a Well Organized Website

Organize your information into categories, under which all of your subsequent pages will be featured. Make the site well organized so that everyone could understand.

Once you Have all the above things in your design, no one will feel that they should reject it. So, Come to Vertex Web Surf for all kinds of design with components of visually appealing Web Design.

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