Benefits of using Longtail keywords in SEO

We know that SEO is ever changing and even SEO pros always cannot make sense when search engine implement new search algorithms. Whatever be the change on the search algorithm, you can use one technique that is to use longtail keywords.

Let me explain you, what is longtail keyword?

Basically, longtail keywords are 3-6 word keyword phrases that bring you few visitors per month per phrase, but very well targeted visitors.  If you use amount of longtail keywords more, there will be more the power of  keywords.

 For example, if you are from Manpower Company in Nepal, then you can see lots of competition. In this case you can use you can use longtail keywords in terms of its competition, search volume and Pay Per Click cost. Then you can use keywords as ‘Best Manpower Company in Nepal, Recruiting Agency in Nepal, Recruitment agency in Nepal and many more.

 Always consider that longtail keywords build an impressive search of volume of highly traffic.

Reasons of using it

  • Brings more traffic:

As we use longtail keywords, it targets more people interest and interest, and then uses of these keywords bring more traffic on the site.

  • Less competition of longtail keywords:

As longtail keywords are not easy to come by as one word keyword of short phrases, as it take long time to find good one. So, all business not takes interest in making longtailed keywords. This will cause less completion of keywords your site on search engine result pages (SERP).

  • Longtail Keywords Conversions are higher:

This benefit of longtail keywords is especially important if you are running a PPC campaign with high per click values because in your case it is evident that what matters is not so much the quantity but the quality of visitors you attract. Since the visitors you are getting for these  keywords are extremely well targeted, this generally leads to more conversions for your business.

How to find best longtail keywords for your site??

There are two ways to find suitable longtail keyword to optimize for;

  • Using keywords Research tools:

You can use Keyword research tools to find  these longtail keywords for your site in free keywords tools, Wordtracker’s free keywords tool in google.

  • Analyze your logs:

Look at your site and analyze from which longtail keywords your visitors are getting attention. Make similar type of longtail keywords, so that you can easily expand your business. So to analyze your site is also important in this matter.

As Longtail keywords might be harder to identify than major keywords but if you try to find these keywords that work for you, this could have a really positive impact on your search engine optimization efforts and will bring a continuous stream of targeted traffic on your site

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